by Leto

Can you hear me singing?

I am beautiful bird. I sing well. I sing too loud, because people hear me and want to see me. Then they want to catch me. Does catching always follow seeing? Because I am a beautiful bird? They understand me not.

I am last one. No other ice bird here. It's okay, as long as I stay free. I have to. There's only one Articuno at a time, and I need to have small bird before giving up and being caught.

No world could be without new baby ice bird. They need to grow up. Do you know we only live short time? I heard some stupid human call me mystical, since time immemoriable. I only been alive for 6 months.

Since I am growing stronger, winter is coming. I am halfway through living and winter is here. I feel the snow from outside. Outside, where I can never go. When new baby bird is born, that is summer. I will be gone then, but new baby not strong enough to cast cold. It will be summer then while my ice bird grows.

My power, my power. Humans want it. Can you have the power of the seasons? New baby Articuno is born while Moltres is at half its life. We match each other. The Zapdos is strongest in spring. Lots of storms then.

We three birds have never met. But we always have been. I know they are there. Nobody has told me, but I can hear them, hear them singing sometimes at night.

Like me.

Why do we sing? We know who we are. That's all we need, to sing. That is happy thing. And so, I sing.

People think I have lonely life. Yes, and I can never go outside. The world would freeze if I did. Nobody know that, and I can't stop them trying to catch me. But the seasons can't talk to humans. Human don't believe they're real.

I won't be caught though. Not until it is summer. And then, my song will stop.

But Moltres will keep singing. And soon, new Articuno will come.

We are always here.

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